Lily & Barry Prewedding


Something you will hear recurring in our blog is how much we love Vancouver and the gorgeous scenery we have.  Lily and Barry wanted to achieve an elegant and simple look for their pre-wedding photos that also show off the beauty of nature we have access to in Vancouver. 

Since meeting them we got to have a good sense of how they interact as a couple and directed our photo shoot session to match their personality and tastes. 

They have a young energy to them and a sweet playful side which we wanted to be felt in the photos yet still maintain the simple aesthetic they were looking for.  We love how the photos turned out and they were more than pleased when they received the photos from us.  

Jennifer & Vincent Wedding day

Jennifer & Vincent wedding day quite close to summer was pleasantly warm and bright with sunshine.  A classic beautiful Vancouver day.  

Throughout the day leading to the wedding ceremony we enjoyed ourselves with them and their wedding party.  A light hearted day just like hanging out with friends.

Jenifer had found her knight in shining armour.  And he had found the one.  The one that he would build his future and family with.