Selina & Shaun Elopement

These lovebirds flew all the way across the pacific from China to Vancouver, Canada to hold their intimate elopement. Pure love combined with one of the most beautiful places on earth; all we need to do is press record and witness the moment. 

Jennifer & Vincent Wedding Day

"亲爱的特特,是你宠坏了我, 它让我有恃无恐的感觉,冲出天大的祸,也有你顶..... 如今我们已经不再是两个人,你知道你做爸爸之后,眼睛里有一种不一样的光芒” 这是Jennifer 写给Vincent的心里话, 简简单单的字句,却熙然道来我对你的爱!  


Andrew & Angel Proposal

“I can’t wait to wake up in the morning to give you a good morning kiss; I can’t wait to end every night with you face to face instead of FaceTime; I can’t wait to share everything about my day with you, to wait to hear everything you have to say about your day, to laugh with you, to cry with you, to pray with you and to love with you. Today, let’s choose to make our NOW into ALWAYS.”

Beautiful words from Andrew to his now fiancée.

How could anyone not say YES!?!

Congratulations to the love birds!

Save The Date

We were looking forward to shoot the engagement session for this sweet couple. We knew it would be awesome as we would be going up to Grouse Mountain, what we didn't expect was being blessed with fresh snow and a beautiful sunny day. Just perfect!